Our staff communicate with our customers in a variety of ways. We always attempt to accommodate the various wishes of our customers for a disturbance-free environment.

It is therefore easiest to reach us via our contact people for the teams. They have a good overview of schedules, availability and the individual access to our staff. They will definitely be able to help and can link you up with the appropriate team member for your request.

Team software development

Theres Sünwoldt
Deutsche-Med-Platz 2
18057 Rostock

Telephone: 0049 381 454 88 700
E-Mail: theres.suenwoldt(at)gecko(dot)de

Team IT-service Rostock

Arne Krüger
August-Bebel-Straße 10-12
18055 Rostock

Telephone: 0049 381 454 88 800
E-Mail: arne.krueger(at)gecko(dot)de


Team IT-service Stralsund

Reik Hinkeldey
Philipp-Julius-Weg 1
18437 Stralsund

Telephone: 0049 3831 305 110
E-Mail: reik.hinkeldey(at)gecko(dot)de


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Deutsche-Med-Platz 2
18057 Rostock

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