Our motto only needs a few words: 
The best possible utilization for our customers – through optimized IT processes.

Following this principle, we rely in our day to day work on holistic approaches and long term cooperation. In order to achieve this, we conduct a thorough analysis of our customers’ requirements before our consultants present an optimum solution. It is a given for us that a customer solution should be individually tailored and we avoid “run of the mill” proposals and “shooting from the hip” and “band aid” solutions in the same way you do.

We rely on methods and tools for implementation which are fit for purpose. Our experienced team always has the complete process in focus and develops powerful solutions to provide the best possible results when integrated into the existing IT landscape of the customer.

We nurture a long term and intensive partnership with our customers. One principle serves us as benchmark: Our success is the success of our customers.


As the UK passed the Merchandise Marks Act in 1887, which introduced statutory labelling of goods from Germany with MADE IN GERMANY to protect the English market against confusion with high quality UK products, they were not aware of Saxon engineering spirit and the tendency to strive for perfection and quality. We all know nowadays how the story continued - MADE IN GERMANY is today a term associated with hard work, the power of innovation, the art of engineering and high quality.

IT is a modern tool, requiring a high level of creativity, quality and precision in equal measures in the development and deployment.  

Our vision is to provide our customers with perfect high value services!  

IT made in Rostock.


But of course! We have them! Large, small, technical and organisational goals!

Here are our two most important goals:

Primary goal:

We want to continue to prove our value as highly professional IT service provider for complex system landscapes in mid-sized businesses.

We want to partner with our customers to enable them to leverage clear competitive advantage through IT or with IT support.

Whatever challenges our current and future customers face, a call to us should come to mind first. This is where we want to be and we are working on that.

Our tools to achieve that goal are the best possible service levels for our customers, empathy for the needs of our customers in all scenarios and ensuring that we always have leading edge technical expertise!

Secondary goal:

We want to be the most attractive employer in our region. Our staff is responsible for our service levels. Demanding services need discerning staff to fulfil those demands. We are not a large search machine provider with amazing perspectives around the globe, including the South and North Pole, but we do want to be THE workplace of choice for IT professionals with ambitions and passion in the Northeast of Germany, including a spirit of internationalism.

The goals are the guiding principle of our quality policy for all strategic decisions, but also for the day to day work. Whenever a process is not clearly defined, or a decision needs to be made, the question to be asked is: “Which approach enables us to get closer to our goals?”

When we embed this in our culture and project it to the outside world, the greatest step on the way to our goals is already taken.

GECKO mbH belong to a group of three companies, which provide IT services to various industry segments. The group employs approximately 120 staff.

GECKO is a part of a larger group of  three companies that provide IT services in different segments of the industry. This group engages around 120 employees.

Boreus Rechenzentrum GmbH

Boreus Rechenzentrum GmbH as company within the group provides services for online portals, such as the newspapers “Die Welt” or “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and for e-commerce providers, such as BonPrix or SportScheck.

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CODEFIT sp.z.o.o. is a joint venture between GECKO mbH and Polish partners in Katowice, Poland. CODEFIT provides services in the area of software development and specialises in solutions which make authentication simpler, faster and more secure through facial recognition – also in high security areas.

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